Lift-off Lithography: Young BMSTU students learn to create electronic cryptographic circuits

27 august 2019

The School of Young Bauman University Students is a traditional course of initiation of yesterday's BMSTU applicants to students. 25 young people took part in a special master class developed by FMN Laboratory team. They were able not only to test their knowledge of general physics, but also to design and manufacture their own electronic cryptographic key circuit to launch a real fireworks display.

We are glad to share some photos with you! 

подними науку.jpg 20190825_191356.jpg

До работы (1).jpg До работы (2).jpg

фоторезист (1).jpg фоторезист (2).jpg

Экспонирование (3).jpg Экспонирование (2).jpg

Проявление (2).jpg Проявление (1).jpg

Травление (1).jpg IMG_20190824_173810.jpg IMG_20190824_173541.jpg


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