Vibrodefence precision equipment

  • 4-level vibration protection system
  • XYZ vibration speeds of less than 1 μm / s
  • Reinforcement of floor construction
  • 2-ton anti-vibration construction
  • 2-ton anti-vibration construction
  • Active piezo platforms
  • Passive anti-vibration tables

While designing the technology center, more than 10 studies of the distribution of vibrations in all the premises were conducted by leading world experts from Russia, the Netherlands, and Germany. The results of these studies were the basis for the planning of sections of the technological center in such a way as to place high-precision technological and metrological equipment in the zones of least vibration.

In parallel, experts resolved issues related to the layout of equipment taking into account the location of special gas lines, technical nitrogen, compressed air, a low vacuum line, fresh air ducts, fire extinguishing system pipelines, exhaust system ducts, power and signal lines, ultrapure deionized water pipelines, reverse water-cooling pipelines. All this was done in the ceiling space a little over 1 meter high.

After the planning of the premises and placement of the equipment, the team carried out a project to strengthen the supporting structures of the ground floor in the zone of the technological center. It included an examination of the current state of the building structure and utilities, as well as the design documentation of the 80s obtained from archives corps.

The implementation of the complex reinforcement of the supporting structures of the ground floor part served as the first level of the overall vibration protection system. Russian designers and a leading Dutch company specialized in the development of special solutions for the protection of high-precision equipment for companies such as Intel, ASML etc developed the concept and technical solutions jointly.

During the design process, three fundamentally different concepts for the implementation of a unique vibration protection system were proposed, considering the technology requirements imposed by the producers of the selected technological and metrological equipment.



Taking into account a comprehensive analysis of the proposed solutions, the features of the selected equipment, the layout of the premises of the technological center and the analysis of the building structure, the concept of 4-level vibration protection was chosen. The first level, as already noted, is represented by the integrated reinforcement of the supporting structures of the first floor, the second level is a specially designed metal structure, the third level is the active vibration platforms on piezoelectric motors and the fourth level are the passive vibration tables.

The last fourth level of vibration protection is represented by passive vibration platforms and vibration tables damp vibrations due to their large weight (on average 0.5-2 tons), helping to virtually eliminate low-frequency vibrations. According to the simulation results, which were confirmed after implementation, the first level reduced vibrations by 5 times, the second level by another 4.5 times, the third – to the recommendations of the manufacturer of lithographic equipment, the fourth virtually eliminates the appearance of vibrations.