Education and advanced training

FMN Laboratory cooperates with leading scientific organizations and universities, including BMSTU and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Thanks to the cooperation, the center provides advanced training courses.

Advanced training curriculum “Spectral optical probe diagnostic methods”

The program is aimed at the professional development of the listener through the formation of his professional competence: conducting studies of the physicochemical properties of the surface of materials using confocal microscopy of Raman scattering, confocal fluorescence analysis, scanning near-field optical microscopy, probe enhanced Raman spectroscopy / fluorescence.

Additional professional education

The educational program of additional professional education (professional retraining) in the field of applying nanostructured reinforcing coatings of parts.

The program of additional professional education is intended for retraining of engineering and technical specialists and focused on the implementation of investment projects in the field of applying nanostructured reinforcing coatings of parts, including those of gas turbine engine parts. The program implements a two-level retraining system, which ensures that students acquire the necessary competencies, and allows you to implement the elements of career planning for employees with further involvement in labor activities that are most relevant to their abilities and competencies.

The Center also provides the following educational opportunities:

  •  Training to work on modern nanotechnology equipment.
  • Write diploma, coursework and scientific works.
  • Involving students in their own R&D Center.
  • Educational materials development.
  • Training in modern methods and techniques of "Nanometrology".