Anastasia Solovyova and Dmitry Moskalev are laureates of the Moscow Government Prize for Young Scientists

8 february 2024

Young scientists representing FMN Laboratory Anastasia Solovyova and Dmitry Moskalev were awarded the 2024 Young Scientist Prize.

Anastasia received a high award in the category “Advanced Industrial Technologies” for the development of critical technologies for creating quantum computing devices, plasmonic ultrasensitive detectors and coherent radiation sources.

Dmitry received an award in the category “Technical and Engineering Sciences” for his research into the technology of forming thin-film nanostructures and the creation of broadband cryogenic parametric amplifiers with a quantum noise level.

2024-02-07_Вручение премии Молодым ученым-0587.jpg

Anastasia and Dmitry took over the baton from Alexander Baburin, who received the award in 2021. Moreover, the first winner of the honorary award as part of our lab was the founder and director, Ilya Rodionov. He received the award in 2019 for a series of works on the creation of a unique pilot production, development and implementation of a technological platform for quantum computing complexes, security systems and medical diagnostics.

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