Magnetron Deposition Plants

Magnetron Deposition of Thin Films


The installation is intended for spraying films of metals and carbon coatings of small thicknesses for transmission and scanning electron microscopes.

Key features and capabilities:

  • quartz film thickness gauge;
  • a rotating planetary table with tilt adjustment for working with plates up to 100 mm;

  • the possibility of applying carbon coatings;
  • magnetron sputtering of the following materials: Au, Ag, Gr, ITO, Au / Pd: 80/20, Pt;
  • regulation of the sputtering current of the target in the range from 0-80 mA with a maximum sputtering time of 60 minutes;
  • thermal vacuum spraying module;

  • a table for working with samples of dimensions: 15 mm, 10 mm, 6.5 mm or 1/8” in diameter;
  • automatic system for controlling the application process;
  • vacuum chamber with shockproof protection;
  • multifunctional touch display.

Carbon and Gold Spray Module


The system is intended for applying thin conductive coatings (carbon, gold, copper, etc.) to conductive and dielectric samples (including powders and films) for the purpose of subsequent study of the obtained surfaces using electron microscopy and other research methods.

Key features and capabilities:

  • high speed of coating (up to 1 nm/s for gold) without thermal destruction of sensitive samples;
  • size of substrate holder with a diameter of 10.2 cm;
  • universal coating for all sizes and shapes;
  • atomization inert gases;
  • water cooling of the sample.