E-beam Deposition Plants

Installation of electron-beam deposition of thin films EvoVac, Angstrom Engineering (Canada)


The installation is intended for the formation of thin films of metals, alloys, dielectrics, semiconductors and nanocomposites of various compositions, with thicknesses from a few nanometers to tens of microns. It is possible to apply up to 7 different materials in one vacuum cycle. The design features of the installation make it possible to use an ion source for preliminary cleaning and activation of substrates, as well as for application assistance. Adjusting the temperature of the substrate holder from -190 ° C to 500 ° C allows to get films from X-ray amorphous to single-crystal structure. The presence of optical control makes the installation an ideal tool for obtaining light filters, optical illumination, and creating x-ray mirrors.

The possibility to work in the infrared range allows the use of optical control not only when working with optically transparent substrates, but also with silicon, which is transparent in the infrared range. A quartz application sensor allows you to control thicknesses up to units of micrometers - i.e. works with ranges in which it is impossible to use optical control.

Key features and capabilities:

  • two-beam electronic source of evaporation, 7 crucibles;
  • meshless ion source without a filament;
  • diameter of substrates up to 200 mm;
  • constant rotation of the substrate holder up to 40 rpm;
  • non-uniformity of ± 2% on a diameter of 200 mm;
  • cooling the substrate holder to cryogenic temperatures with liquid nitrogen;
  • heating the substrate holder to 500 ° C;
  • optical control with a monochromator and a wavelength of 350 to 2500 nm;
  • deposition rate sensors.