Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscope

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An ultra-high-resolution scanning electron microscope provides high-quality images of nanomaterials, semiconductor samples, minerals, metals and alloys, ceramics, glass and polymers. As a result of the study, one can fully understand the topography, the surface roughness of the sample, recesses, be it MEMS or nanostructure. It allows working with very low accelerating voltages, as well as with very high beam currents. The software allows you to take pictures of large objects with a resolution of 32k x 32k pixels, as well as to conduct 3D analysis.

Key features and capabilities:

  • electron microscopic examination of semiconductor, ceramic, polymer, metal and other samples with various possible vacuum-compatible coatings;
  • the ability to analyze samples of both fragments and 100-200 mm plates;
  • the ability to conduct 3D analysis thanks to the 3DSM software package;
  • resolution up to 0.6 nm;
  • investigation of magnetic, including highly magnetized materials;

  • 4 micromanipulators with the ability to conduct electrical measurements;
  • the ability to obtain an ultra-high resolution image of non-conductive materials;
  • high image quality as a result of sample purification in reactive cyclotron plasma;
  • fast image acquisition process (in less than 60 sec.) from the moment the sample was installed;

  • the first in its class system with the option of retrofitting during operation.

Scanning Electron Microscope


The device is designed to study the topology and morphology of the surface by the SEM method for express analysis, including a large number of samples due to the simplicity of the device and the optimized loading/unloading process of the studied samples.

Key features and capabilities:

  • magnification range - from 20x to 24,000x;
  • spatial resolution - up to 30 nm;
  • electron source - CeB6 crystal;
  • accelerating voltage of electrons - 5 kV;
  • working pressure - 10 μPa;
  • sample loading time - less than 30 sec;
  • sample size (diameter and height) - up to 25 mm in diameter and up to 35 mm in thickness.