Stylus profilometry

Stylus profilometer


The setup is designed to study the surface of samples and build 2D and 3D topography.

Key features and capabilities:

  • a subject table with a diameter of 200 mm with a vacuum clamp;
  • maximum scan path length - 200 mm;
  • two and three-coordinate analysis of the surface topography of a wide range of materials, including semiconductor multilayer materials, thin films and chemical coatings, microelectromechanical systems, optoelectronics, medical and biological devices, as well as liquid crystal display panels;
  • profiler 2D data collection and Apex 2D data analysis package (allows you to analyze textures, subtract shapes, rotate, remove defects, calculate volume and distances, calculate traditional step height and roughness parameters);
  • the ability to specify a sequence of up to 1000 areas of measurement and pattern recognition on a substrate at a time;
  • the ability to calculate 2D / 3D stresses in thin films as a result of substrate bending;
  • analysis of subsurface layers;
  • the repeatability of measurements of the vertical step is 4 angstroms, which allows obtaining data with high accuracy;
  • measurements with ultra-small efforts up to 0.03 mg;
  • a color video camera with a 5 megapixel CCD to monitor positioning and measurement process.