Probe Nanolaboratory

Ntegra Spectra probe nano lab


The setup is intended for analyzing the relief, domain structure, capacitive properties of micro- and nanostructures by AFM methods, studying optical properties of a surface with a resolution of up to 30 nm using the SBOM method, elemental analysis of materials using confocal microscopy Raman scattering, evaluating the distribution of substances over the surface, studying plasmon and other surface properties by probe amplification by Raman scattering and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Characteristics of the optical microscopy module:

  • optical resolution - 400 nm;
  • the focal length of the lens is 2 mm.

Characteristics of the AFM module (atomic force microscopy):

  • measuring range X × Y × Z - 100 μm × 100 μm × 7 μm;
  • AFM resolution in the XY plane is less than 0.1 nm;
  • AFM resolution in the Z plane is less than 0.15 nm.

Characteristics of the module of confocal microscopy of cattle (confocal Raman microscopy) and SNOM (scanning near-field optical microscopy):

  • laser wavelength - 473 nm.