Nanofab Complex

Nanofab 100 Complex, NT MDT (Russia)


The complex is intended for carrying out ion-beam etching processes using a sharply focused ion beam, as well as nanomanipulation using probe methods.

Characteristics of the FIP module (focused ion beams):

  • min beam diameter (Ga) - 10 nm;
  • working field - 300 x 300 microns;
  • beam energy - from 3 to 30 keV;
  • ion current - from 1 pA to 20 nA.

Characteristics of the AFM module (atomic force microscopy):

  • range of measurements in the XY plane - 90 microns;
  • the measurement range in the Z plane is 10 μm;
  • AFM resolution in the XY plane is less than 0.1 nm;
  • AFM resolution in the Z plane is less than 0.15 nm.