Auger Electron Spectrometry

Auger-electronic spectrometer


The device is intended for chemical and elemental analysis of the surface of samples, layer-by-layer study of the profile of multilayer nanoscale structures, quantitative analysis and determination of the concentration of chemical elements of the sample under study.

Key features and capabilities:

  • minimum diameter of an electron beam: 50 microns;
  • energy range of an electron beam: from 0 to 5000 eV;
  • Ar + ion etching ion gun; minimum ion beam diameter: 125 microns;
  • ion beam energy range: from 200 to 5,000 eV;
  • ion beam current: from 1 pA to 10 μA;
  • particle energy registration range: from 0 to 3500 eV;
  • registration of all chemical elements in the periodic table of elements with the exception of H and He;
  • concentration sensitivity: 0.01%;
  • maximum diameter of the analyzed sample: 25.4 mm.