Ultra-High Vacuum Atomic Force Microscopy

Ultra-High Vacuum Atomic Force Microscope


The device is intended for ultra-high vacuum research of surface properties by probe methods with ultra-high resolution, including in the field of ultra-low temperatures.

Key features and capabilities:

  • resolution of STM, AFM - atomic (on standard Si samples);
  • scanning range - XY - 3x3 microns, Z - 2 microns;
  • measurement of tunneling current - from 30 pA to 1 μA;
  • force measuring range - from 10 pN to 10 nN;
  • ion cleaning system - Ar and other gases;
  • sample cooling system - up to 50 K;
  • In situ deposition of films of refractory and low-melting metals (Au, Ag, Cu, Al, Ti, W, etc.).