Exhaust systems for working with inorganic chemistry

Exhaust systems for working with inorganic chemistry


The systems are designed to carry out the processes of liquid processing of plates with diameters of 100 and 200 mm, as well as pieces of plates. The processes of liquid processing include liquid washing of the surface and etching of the plates in solutions of acids and alkalis.

Exhaust systems are divided into two subsystems: for ion-containing materials and for non-ionic materials, which are separate installations.

Key features and capabilities:

  • laminar air flow with HEPA filters;
  • baths for working with acids and alkalis;
  • possible plate washing processes: SC-1 (NH4OH, H2O2, H2O), cleaning in HNO3 (HNO3, H2O), Piranha (H2SO4, H2O), washing in deionized water (QDR);
  • possible etching processes for plates: isotropic etching of silicon (HNO3, H2O, NH4F), anisotropic etching of silicon (KOH), etching of oxides (HF, BHF), etching of nitrides (H3PO4), etching of gold (HNO3, HCl), etching of aluminum (H3PO4, HNO3, CH3COOH);
  • processing of plates of 100 and 200 mm, as well as pieces of plates;
  • QDR quick wash bath for flushing up to 5 plates at a time;
  • the function of supplying bubbles to the bath of deionized water;
  • heating plates with a temperature range of 50 to 500° C in increments of 10°C;
  • the ability to quickly dry the plates;
  • one of the systems has a module for etching 100- and 200-mm plates in hydrofluoric acid vapor to remove sacrificial oxide, with a safe plate holder and temperature control on the holder.