Hydrofluoric Acid Etching Unit

Hydrofluoric acid etching unit


The unit is intended for etching silicon oxide in hydrofluoric acid vapor. The lack of contact of the processed substrate with the liquid phase of the acid avoids the adhesion of trace elements.

Key features and capabilities:

  • holder temperature control;
  • safe holder for processing in acid;
  • processing of plates of 100-200 mm, as well as pieces of plates;
  • electrostatic holder for plates up to 200 mm and pieces of plates;
  • processed materials - silicon oxides, glass, silicon nitride.

Targeted technological processes:

  • mechanical release of microstructures by removal of silicon oxide (including sacrificial oxide);
  • changing the profile of microstructures by partial etching of silicon oxide;
  • alignment of the profile (walls) of microstructures after deep etching of silicon (Bosch process);
  • surface preparation of silicon wafers by removing natural oxide on their surface.