Fluorine Etching

Plasma-chemical etching and vapor deposition plant


The plasma chemical etching unit using fluorine gases is equipped with a high-density inductively coupled plasma source. 

Designed for plasma-chemical etching of silicon structures, as well as for the following processes:

  • Bosch processes with a wall profile angle of 90 ± 1° and typical sizes of structures from 10 nm;
  • Cryo Bosch processes - substrate holder cooled to -150° C allows for low-temperature etching processes with a high aspect ratio of 30: 1, crest size of side walls <150 nm and smoothness <5nm;
  • etching of silicon on the reverse side with a speed of >3500 nm/min;
  • etching of silicon dioxide, quartz, glass, with uniformity across the plate <± 5%;
  • etching of titanium oxide films at a speed of >40 nm/min with a slope of the wall profile >80°;
  • tungsten etching at a speed of >100 nm/min and a profile angle >85°;
  • etching silicon nitride with a speed of >100 nm/min and a profile angle >88°.

The gas configuration in this system allows low-temperature <150°C deposition processes of multilayer films with a speed of >8 nm/min, uniformity across the plate <± 5% and tension <250 MPa of the following materials:

  • silica;
  • silicon nitride;
  • amorphous silicon;
  • silicon carbide.

Automatic reactive ion and plasma-chemical etching plant


The setup is intended for etching of relief-phase hologram optical elements (GOE), diffractive optical elements (DOE) and kinoform optical elements (COE) on glass and semiconductor wafers.

Key features and capabilities:

  • 13.56 MHz (0.9 kW);
  • diameter of processed products - up to 200 mm;
  • the number of working gas channels (pcs.) - up to 8;
  • 4 of them are channels for aggressive gases;
  • etching uniformity by Ø150 mm for SiO2 etching - ± 1%.