Video: FMN Laboratory developments covered by the Russian Ministry of Education project

10 february 2020

On the eve of the Day of Russian Science, the team of Bauman MSTU joined the flash mob of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation and shared a video on the unique development of the FMN Laboratory.  

The focus is on a recent development, a microfluidic flow sensor, which in the future will become part of a lab-on-a-chip device (a portable device for conducting real-time analyzes). This breakthrough technology will allow you to refuse to go to a clinic or hospital, thanks to a compact device that will carry out dozens of tests and give information about the current state of the body by a drop of your blood.

The device will allow quickly monitoring the most important parameters of the human body and adjusting its condition in case of a threat to health and life.

The development was awarded the first Degree Diploma at the International Congress “Biotechnology: Status and Development Prospects. Life sciences.” The expert competition committee praised the scientific novelty of the development and the potential for introducing the device in the latest diagnostic systems, personalized medicine, as well as the possibility of commercializing the product.

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