Bauman DeepTech Expert Council was held at BMSTU

6 december 2023

BMSTU was included in the federal Priority 2030 program in the Research Leadership track in 2021. Over the two years of participation in the program, Bauman University created 10 interdisciplinary clusters for the development of critical and crosscutting technologies based on 20 research and educational centers.


As part of the Priority 2030 program BMSTU is developing six strategic projects responsible for the key areas of scientific research at the university: Bauman DeepTech, Bauman RoboTech, Bauman GoGreen, Bauman DeepAnalytics, Bauman U2U, Bauman CreaTech. The activities of all six strategic projects are aimed at the sustainable development of Russia’s economy and ensuring its technological sovereignty.


The Bauman DeepTech strategy aims to develop a new generation of innovative products: from hybrid processors for ultra-fast computing and organism-on-a-chip systems to materials with unique properties and breakthrough solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. Bauman DeepTech combines five R&D tracks: “Hybrid Computing”, “Photonics”, “Biotechnology and Soft Matter”, “Advanced Materials”, “Neuromorphic Technologies”. 


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