SEM image of superconducting air-bridges fabricated at FMN Laboratory participate in Zeiss Perspectives competition

15 september 2020

A SEM image of superconducting air-bridges taken by Olga Sorokina, FMN Laboratory engineer, is participating in ‘Zeiss Perspectives’ competition. This year, the participants of the annual contest were invited to take a fresh look at the world around us, shifting the focus of attention and opening up new perspectives in familiar things.

The superconducting air-bridges fabricated by FMN technologists resemble the bridges and embankments of the Fontanka River, which are associated with so many legends. They say if you make a wish over there, it will come true with mathematical precision.

Our air-bridges are 15 micrometers wide. They are used to connect individual sections of integrated quantum circuits, equalize the potential of grounded surfaces, and implement interconnecting data lines. A quantum computer cannot work without air-bridges, so they also fulfill desires!

les ponts.png

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