The School of Young Bauman University Students 2021: freshmen of BMSTU learned lift-off lithography hacks

27 august 2021

More than 750 first-year students took part in the School of Young Bauman University Students 2021. Twenty-four of them were especially lucky: they took part in the scientific and technological movement “Lift-off lithography”, organized by FMN Laboratory team. In the competitive mode, the guys were able not only to test their knowledge of general physics, but also to design and manufacture their own microcircuit to launch a real festive firework.

“The School of Young Bauman University Students is the first contact of future freshmen with the university, and our team did everything possible to make it as bright, dynamic and inspiring as possible. The two-day course has become a great metaphor for the unique work that specialists of our center perform every day, solving global problems of micro- and nanotechnology development in Russia and abroad,” noted Ilya Rodionov, FNM Laboratory Director.

We are glad to share some photos with you! 

photo5280836688035297002.jpg  photo_2021-08-30_06-57-16.jpg  photo_2021-08-30_06-58-51.jpg

photo_2021-08-30_06-58-57.jpg  photo_2021-08-30_06-59-19.jpg  photo_2021-08-30_06-57-46.jpg

photo_2021-08-30_06-58-08.jpg  photo_2021-08-30_07-48-50.jpg  photo_2021-08-30_06-57-36.jpg

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