An explosive lithography process developed for the formation of metallized layers up to 0.5 microns thick

15 march 2017

As part of an internal project aimed at developing a technology for the formation of laboratory-on-chip elements (sensitive elements of optical and electrochemical sensors, resistive microheaters, electrical wiring, etc.), the laser lithography process for the formation of structures with a resolution of up to 5 microns and a thickness of up to 0.5 microns using a two-layer stack of positive resists from leading world manufacturers has been developed at FMN Laboratory.

The processes were carried out using a μPG 101 laser lithography unit from Heidelberg Instruments (Germany). The setup is a laser image generator with direct lithography technology without the use of photomasks and allows one to form topologies of microstructures on silicon, glass, various films and other flat samples using “i-line” photoresists.

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