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30 august 2021

Automated pressure maintenance system for microfluidic lab-on-chip

The problem of controlling the flows of small volumes of liquids is a limiting factor for the operation of the microfluidic laboratory-on-a-chip in biomedical devices of the new generation. The article describes the current state of development in the field of microfluidic technologies. A classification of the physical effects underlying the flow control systems of microfluidic laboratories-on-a-chip is presented. A pressure maintenance system with an accuracy of no worse than ±1 mbar has been developed, which is one of the main blocks of control systems for microfluidic laboratories-on-a-chip. A two-fold improvement in the accuracy of maintaining the pressure of the developed system in comparison with commercial analogues of leading world manufacturers has been experimentally confirmed.

Automated pressure maintenance system for microfluidic lab-on-chip

Echeistov Vladimir V., Zverev Alexander V., Ryzhkov Vitaliy V., Ryzhikov Ilya A., Makarchuk Vladimir V., Shaknov Vadim A., Rodionov Ilya A.

Sensors and Systems, №1 (254), January – February 2021

DOI: 10.25728/datsys.2021.1.5 

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