New constellation of the Russian nanoindustry: ZEISS ORION NanoFab joined FMN Lab technological park

14 july 2022
ORION NanoFab is the world’s first helium ion microscope – focused ion beam instrument offered by Carl Zeiss. Built upon the advancement in the class-leading Gas Field Ion Source (GFIS) technology, ORION NanoFab provides a complete sub-10 nanometer nanofabrication and sub-nanometer imaging solution for the industry, government, and academic research laboratories.
ORION NanoFab is the world's first instrument to incorporate neon and helium ion beams in single GFIS column with an optional gallium focused ion beam (FIB) column. The neon ion beam offers outstanding machining and nanofabrication capabilities due to higher sputter yields (for ion beam milling) and faster resist exposure (for ion beam lithography). The helium ion beam allows sub-10 nm nanofabrication as well as high resolution imaging capability in the same instrument. The addition of an optional state-of-the-art gallium FIB column makes the ORION NanoFab the most versatile nanofabrication and imaging platform in the world.

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