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1 september 2018

Currently, there is a growing need of recording the Raman spectra of protein solutions with a concentration of less than 1 μg / ml. To increase the concentration and amplification of the Raman signal from these proteins, sample preparation is carried out by drying a drop of the solution on the surface of the substrate, which enhances the Raman signal of proteins.

The effect of ultrasound on the process of protein deposition on the surface and its conformation is investigated. Experiments were conducted on sample preparation of a solution of myoglobin protein in water with a concentration of 1 μg / ml on substrates, which are thin (no more than 100 nm) silver films with a nanoscale surface structure, made on mica substrates.

After ultrasonic treatment, crystal-like structures of the protein were obtained, the amplitude of the Raman spectra of which is substantially greater than the amplitude of similar spectra obtained after drying protein solutions of the same concentration under normal conditions without exposure to ultrasound. The influence of ultrasound on the nature of aggregation, crystallization and conformation of proteins, the amplitude and shape of their Raman spectra was found.


"Study of the effect of ultrasound on the deposition of myoglobin from solutions on active SERS-substrates"

A.S. Baburin, I.A. Boginskaya, I.N. Kurochkin, I.A. Rodionov, I.A. Ryzhikov, M.V. Sedova, B.D. Tonanaysky, N.D. Ushakov

BMSTU Bulletin. Ser. Instrument making. 2018. № 4

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