New article in Photonics and Nanostructures – Fundamentals and Applications

11 september 2018

Interfering surface and localized plasmon: Tuning the Wood anomaly for biosensing

In the article, we demonstrate spectra of slabs of plasmonic 1D nanostructures and show their changes when detecting specific biomolecular binding. The slabs were fabricated by electron-beam lithography, they had sub-millimeter dimensions and allowed us to detect a specific binding of low-density lipoproteins. Optical spectra of the slabs exhibiting a spectrally sharp resonant peak have been analyzed numerically to interpret their features and to define structural parameters governing the quality factor of the resonance. We show a comparison between the sensing performances of the different slabs under study, thus discussing their better designs and experimental geometries.

Biosensing - 2.jpg  Biosensing.jpg

A.N. Shaimanov, N.A. Orlikovsky, E.M. Khabusheva, A.V. Zverev, A.A. Pishimova, G.V. Sharonov, G.M. Yankovskii, I.A. Rodionov and A.V. Baryshev

Photonics and Nanostructures – Fundamentals and Applications 32, 1-5, 2018 (ImF 1.575

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