FMN Lab team participated in SPb Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials Conference

25 may 2021

At the SPb Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials (“SPb-POEM 2021”) conference, Alexander Baburin, Head of Nanophotonics at the FMN Laboratory, presented a photonic integrated circuits platform with low-loss (0.5 dB/cm) Si3N4 photonic waveguides and plasma-diced optical grade chip edge for fiber and fiber array units coupling.

Universal linear photonic integrated circuits are used for the fabrication of on-chip photonic networks, LIDARs, highly sensitive sensor systems, and neuromorphic processor modules. There is a number of manufacturing facilities based on high performance stepper lithography, which fabricate high-quality silicon-on insulator (SOI) and silicon nitride photonic integrated circuits and provide multi-project wafers (MPW) fabrication possibility for R&D groups. However, rapid prototyping of high-quality photonic schemes using e-beam lithography remains an important task as it is more flexible and faster compared with MPW fabrication.

We present an e-beam lithography based fabrication platform that could help to overcome barriers to the development of linear quantum optical calculations devices including coupling and propagation losses.

Details on SPb Photonic, Optoelectronic, & Electronic Materials conference are available here

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