Unstoppable: FMN Laboratory team continues to work on creating a quantum processor in self-isolation mode

17 april 2020

“We did not stop work on creating a quantum computer, but switched to a new format. Before quarantine, we made several series of samples of a promising element base of quantum processors, launched a remote control system, and today we continue our research in a remote format. The samples are in a cryostat, and the team is working with them and all the electronics from our computers from home. If in May we return to the previous regime, this will not significantly affect our work plans,” Rodionov said.

According to him, during self-isolation, only two people visit the laboratory on schedule. They are responsible for servicing functioning equipment and infrastructure. The team also keeps on working on the development, design and computer simulation remotely on home computers.

Today, scientists are working according to the roadmap for the development of quantum technologies, adopted in 2019. One of the goals is to create the first Russian quantum computer capable of solving complex practical problems.

“As part of the roadmap, we are discussing our participation in two major projects: the creation of quantum computers based on photons and superconductors. They have the task of implementing quantum algorithms on Russian processors with 30-50 qubits. We hope to continue this work in May,” Rodionov added.

Details are here (Russian version only). 

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