From student to prizewinner: Daria Ezenkova took second place in the "Researcher of the Year" competition

16 march 2020

Daria joined the FMN team in 2019, being a 4th year student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Department of Electronic Technology in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, Daria has been involved in electron beam lithography as part of the project of quantum computing on superconductors.

“We always welcome students who are really interested in science, and Daria is just one of them. In the shortest time, she mastered sophisticated technological equipment: from preparing operations for applying resist to lithography, and today plays a significant role in the development of quantum computing technologies based on a superconducting element base. We congratulate Dasha on her success in the competition and wish her further victories!” – noted Ilya Rodionov, FMN Laboratory Director.

Now, Daria is involved in the optimization of the technological process of electron beam lithography of the Josephson junctions’ arrays, a key element of a parametric amplifier. Thanks to the work implemented with the participation of Daria, the reproducibility of linear dimensions increased to 99%.


The “Student of the Year” competition is held annually and brings together various areas of student life. Each student is welcome to participate in one or several categories: from “Engineering” to “Social Activities”. The “Researcher of the Year” nomination attracts students who are engaged in the scientific activities and have publications in scientific magazines.

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