Bauman DeepTech: a new strategic project of the Moscow State Technical University

27 december 2021

As part of the Academic Leadership Program “Priority 2030”, BMSTU launches a global strategic project “Bauman DeepTech”, aimed at developing innovative products of a new generation: from hybrid processors for ultra-fast computing and organs-on-a-chip systems to materials with unique properties and breakthrough solutions in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Bauman DeepTech project unites six R&D tracks: Hybrid Computing, Photonics, Biotechnology and Soft Matter, Digital Materials Science, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Research will be provided through the merger of the leading centers of the University into interdisciplinary clusters.

“Bauman DeepTech is much more than six teams united by a single brand. This is a well-coordinated mechanism, each participant of which clearly understands his mission: to develop a unique product that solves the most important human tasks. Our global initiative will become the basis for the development of cross-platform products, globally transforming the system of education for new generation engineers”, – said Ilya Rodionov, Bauman DeepTech Leader.

FMN Lab team (2)_small.jpg

The involvement of leading world scientists, the introduction of project management of temporary research groups and a deep transformation of the research management system will ensure the achievement of new scientific results and the introduction of end-to-end digital products that have no analogues on the world market.

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