FMN Laboratory team participated in "Days on Diffraction" international conference

19 june 2017

An important task of nanoplasmonics is the development of a nanoscopic coherent source of surface polariton plasmons (SPP). Such devices can be based on compensation of plasmon losses by the method of stimulated emission. Plasmon nanolasers were implemented in various experimental schemes. One of the most important schemes is based on the use of a plasmon crystal. The most difficult is its implementation in the visible spectral range

The implementation of a nanolaser was demonstrated, which allows one to generate coherent single-space plasmon modes in the visible spectral range at room temperature using a plasmon crystal and ROX dye molecules as an active medium. The crystal is based on an array of nanoholes formed in a silver film. The ultra-low threshold of the plasmon nanolaser was achieved by careful implementation of the hybrid plasmon-photon regime.

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