FMN Laboratory nominated for “Industry Man of the Year” award

31 january 2020

Aidar Gabidullin, Senior Researcher at FMN Laboratory, entered the list of participants in a prestigious industry competition in “Rising Star” nomination. 

Aidar has been one of the leading participants of FMN Laboratory developments of technologies for the production of the element base of the Russian quantum processor on superconductors. The nominee particular physical implementation is the leading one in the world and is now being implemented in researches conducted by world giants as IBM and Google.

A key element of this architecture is superconducting microwave resonators. The nominee has implemented the full cycle of their development and production: from design and creation of microtechnologies of manufacturing to cryogenic measurements. According to the results of last year, the quality of the resonators was improved 100 times to world record Q-factors of more than 2 million. The developed range of solutions provided a breakthrough for Russian scientists in the field of quantum computing.


Aidar Gabidullin while working with a cryostat, FMN Laboratory  

In 2019, thanks to the nominee’s developments, the first Russian prototype of a quantum processor was created, a complete set of logical operations was demonstrated, and Grover's quantum algorithm was implemented.

“The participation of FMN Laboratory employee in the competition is a great honor for us. From thin films to superconducting qubits, our team works to solve the most ambitious tasks that the world of science poses today. Last year, thanks to the technology for creating microwave resonators developed with the participation of Aidar, we made a significant leap in the field of quantum computing on superconductors, which came close to researching the first quantum processor in Russia,” said Ilya Rodionov, FMN Laboratory Director.


A shot of the circuit of microwave microwave resonators produced at FMN Laboratory 

Aidar joined the team in 2015, as a student at the Department of Electronic Technology in Mechanical Engineering, BMSTU. In 2017, at the same department, he defended his master's thesis on the theme “Development of the technology for the formation of epitaxial silver films for nanoplasmonics”. Today Aidar is a third-year graduate student.

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