FMN Lab bio nanotechnologies starring at the “TECHNOSREDA” festival

27 september 2021

The FMN Laboratory team took part in one of the brightest events of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, the “TECHNOSREDA” festival. The main organizer of the forum was the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

On the stage of the festival's business program, Vitaly Ryzhkov, Leading Researcher in the field of bionanotechnology at FMN Lab, made a presentation on the topic “How to place a laboratory on a chip?” Vitaly spoke about the promising direction of organs-on-a-chip and solutions that the center's specialists have already been able to develop in this area.

KUF_3328_low.jpg  KUF_3296_low.jpg

Directly at the BMSTU stand, the guests of the festival were able to view samples of the advanced products developed in the lab. These include microfluidic chips for personalized medicine systems, a sample of a photonic integrated circuit (such circuits are the basis of the upcoming Industry 4.0), and a silicon wafer with thermoelectric MEMS switches.

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The “TECHNOSREDA” festival has transformed the famous VDNK exposition complex into a large-scale demonstration zone that united several thematic spaces. The BMSTU booth was presented in the Zone of universities and research institutes. The visitors could see models of installations of nuclear complexes, small-sized intelligence robots used in different spheres of life, be acquainted with the “Arctic Floating University” project and even try on clothes of scientists in a virtual fitting room.

In total, over 150,000 people attended the “TECHNOSREDA” festival.

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